Open Club Day – over 100 venues & clubs participate at the 2nd European edition


The objective of the Open Club Day is to give insight into clubs, venues and other concert places to those who do not actively participate at nightlife activities. By showing the reality of their daily work, venues & clubs demystify the stereotypes that are so often associated with live music events and that can cause a lack of understanding of the true value of these cultural places. The Open Club Day promotes exchange between live music professionals, neighbours, nightlife-activists, families, politicians and curious night owls.

Every participating venue & club creates its own programme for the occasion. Part of the activities are guided club tours, workshops on sound and light technique, sound checks, club safaris through cities and round tables that invite to discuss club culture in its different facets.

Concerts, DJ acts, performances and a lively going out culture are a significant part of our cities and regions cultural offer. Clubs & venues contribute in shaping the cities’ and regions’ identities, they reveal the present creative energies and they are, in addition, an important economic factor. Essential for talent development, music diversity and expression, live music clubs & venues foster social bonding, are mood enhancing, inspiring, and form part of people’s lives. By joining forces all over Europe, the Open Club Day reinforces that clubs & venues are engaged in their communities and that they are key elements for social and cultural cohesion.


Razzmatazz (Barcelona) // VOL (Barcelona) // Jamboree(Barcelona) // Asociación Cultural Meteoro (Barcelona) // Sidecar (Barcelona) // Stroika (Barcelona) // soda acústic (Barcelona) // Garaje Beat Club (Murcia) // La Boveda del Albergue (Zaragoza) // Palacio de la Prensa. Sala 0 (Madrid) // Sala Hollander (Sevilla) // sala Milwaukee (Cadiz)  // Palo Palo (Sevilla) // SALA PUB GATOS (Melide) // BOOGACLUB (Granada) // La ley seca (Zaragoza)  // SALA CREEDENCE (Zaragoza) // DABADABA (San Sebastian) // SANAGUSTIN KULTURGUNEA (Azpeitia)


Emmetrop (Bourges) // Le Forum (Vauréal) // Le confort moderne (Poitiers) // La Péniche (Chalon-sur-Saône) // Jardin Moderne (Rennes) // LE GUEULARD PLUS (Nilvange) //  L’Autre Canal (Nancy) // 4ecluses (Dunkerque) // EMB (Sannois) // Le 9-9bis (Oignies) // Le Tetris (Le Havre) // AMPLI – la route du son (Billère) // Stéréolux (Nantes)


Bang Venue (Torres)


Rocking Chair (Vevey) // Le Port Franc (Sion) // L’Amalgame (Yverdon-les Bains) // Bikini Test (Chaux de Fonds) // La route des Clubs (Vaud) // Kulturfabrik KUFA (Lyss) // Werkk Kulturlokal (Baden)  // KIFF Kultur in der Futterfabrik (Aarau) // Atlantis (Basel) // Sud (Basel) // Parterre (Basel) // Kaserne Basel (Basel) // Sommercasino (Basel) // KLARA (Basel) // Kulturstadt Jetzt – Kasernenareal (Basel) // KIK / Kultur im Kammgarn (Schaffhausen) // TapTab (Schaffhausen)  // Spinnerei (Bern) // Moods (Zürich) // Le Romandie (Lausanne) // Club Chat Noir (Geneva) // Ebullition (Bulle)
// Bogen F (Zürich) // Hive Club (Zürich) // Helsinki (Zürich) // Freitag Provisorium (Zürich) // Frau Gerolds Garten (Zürich) // Moods (Zürich) // Supermarket (Zürich) // Space Monki (Zürich) // Urban Surf (Zürich)


Nosta (Opwijk) // Muziekclub 4AD (Diksmuide) // Trix (Antwerp) // Muziekclub N9 (Eeklo) // Atelier 210 (Brussels) // Atelier Rock (Brussels) // Le Salon (Brussels)


Rytmikorjaamo (Seinäjoki) // Tavastia-klubi (Helsinki) // Klubi / Pakkahuone (Tampere)  // Henry’s pub Kuopio (Kuopio) // Logomo (Turku) // Bar Loose (Helsinki) // Ravintola Torvi (Lahti) Tanssisali Lutakko (Jyväskylä)


halle02 (Heidelberg) // Old Dubliner Irish Pub (Hamburg) // Marias ballroom (Hamburg) // kukuun (Hamburg) // Molotow (Hamburg) // Scheune (Dresden) // Indiego Glocksee (Hannover) // CASCADAS (Hamburg) // Harry Klein (Munich) // Feierwerk (Munich) // Beatboutique (Hamburg) // Fundbureau (Hamburg) // White Cube – Bergedorf (Hamburg)


Gigant (Apeldoorn) // EM2 (Groningen)


Phoenix Arts Club (London) // Railway Inn (Winchester) // Oporto (Leeds) // Antwerp Mansion (Manchester) // Andrew Knutt (Taunton) // The Hope & Ruin (Brighton) // The Troubadour (London) // The Castle Hotel / Gullivers(Manchester) // The Boileroom (Guildford)